Poll: one in three Texans willing to pay with cryptocurrency

one in three Texans willing to pay with cryptocurrency

37% of Texans in the US state of Texas would vote for the legalisation of cryptocurrencies, while 42% would support the passage of industry-friendly laws. These results were obtained by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, Newsweek writes.

The researchers surveyed 9,700 residents in ten different US states between August 20 and 24. Between 8% and 14% of them had not heard anything about digital assets.

The range of support for cryptocurrencies as a means of payment was from 28% in Arizona to 37% in Texas and Wisconsin. Approximately a quarter of those surveyed were undecided.

The adoption of legislation to support the industry, similar to that approved in Wyoming, would be approved by 25% (Arizona) to 42% (Texas) of respondents.

Residents of California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Ohio were also sampled.


The survey also showed a lack of enthusiasm for the potential release of the digital dollar among the majority of citizens surveyed.


As a reminder, on 1 September, the state of Texas enacted a law to adapt commercial law to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It defines digital assets and creates a regulatory environment for investments in this area.


In June, the Texas Department of Banking allowed state banks to hold cryptocurrencies.

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