A Detailed Guide on How to Buy Dogecoin in the UK

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There is a range of cryptocurrencies that can be beneficial in terms of investment opportunities. You can buy crypto coins and then sell them once their price reaches the desired level. It is possible to buy Dogecoin in the UK if you live in this country and believe that this cryptocurrency is a good option for investment. In this article, you will find detailed information on Dogecoin, the best exchanges to choose to buy it, suitable wallets to store this crypto coin, and more.


Why Should You Buy Dogecoin in the UK?

Dogecoin was created in 2013 by the developers Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus. It runs on blockchain technology. The crypto coin quickly became popular, and one of the reasons for that is its hilarious logo with a dog. By 2021, its value has increased by 5,000%. This is a favorite crypto coin for Elon Musk, which surely contributes to its popularity. Lots of people want to buy Dogecoin in the UK and other countries because they consider it a good option for investment. You can follow breaking news to catch the right money for making a profit or use the scalping technique to get many small profits due to quick changes in prices. This crypto coin can be used for payments in a range of online or physical stores.

As for the question on how to buy Dogecoin, this is possible to do online or in-person, but the procedure depends on the service provider you use.

How to Buy Dogecoin if You Live in the UK

If you wish to buy Dogecoin, you need to pick the right exchange that perfectly matches your preferences. You have two options:

  • Register and undergo the verification procedure to use a preferred payment method
  • Use an instant payment method that allows making a transaction immediately
While the purchasing procedure is similar on all exchanges you can use, there may be a few differences. You should be able to find clear instructions on how to buy Dogecoin on each of the exchanges. Check them before making such a transaction. Also, you should mind the costs of such services. Below, you will find a list of exchanges allowing you to purchase this crypto coin.

Where Can You Buy Dogecoin with GPB?

If you have some GPB, you can use them for buying Dogecoin. The very first step you will need to take is to find a reliable exchange. The following are the factors you should take into account when choosing one:

  • The choice of cryptocurrencies and other assets. There are many other crypto coins you can purchase, such as Ethereum, AMP, Bitcoin, and more. This means that you want to find an exchange that offers a decent choice of options.
  • Security. Since you will be making payments with your own money, you want to make sure that it is well-protected. Therefore, it is important to check whether an online exchange offers a secure environment. In particular, check whether encryption technology is utilized by an exchange.
  • Customer support. If you cannot make a deposit, the verification procedure takes too long, or in case of other difficulties, you want to find help quickly. This means that before you register with an exchange, check how its staff can be contacted. Try to find info on their working hours to know when they can be reached.
  • Registration. According to the legislation applied in the UK, exchanges must be properly registered. You want to make sure that the platforms you are about to use are operating legally.
  • Costs. If you buy Dogecoin with GPB on exchanges, you may pay some fees. Their size depends on various factors, such as the volume of your transaction. Some platforms offer additional rewards you can benefit from. Since pricing conditions vary drastically depending on the platform, you should compare them to find the best option.
  • Payment methods. To buy Dogecoin in the UK, you want to use a convenient payment method. Some customers prefer making such transactions using their credit cards, but not all exchanges offer this option. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to payment methods you can use.
  • Customer reviews. One of the best ways to find a reliable company is to check the reviews on it. You should be able to find them on the Internet on special websites. Pick a company with a high rating.

Buying Dogecoin at Binance


It is one of the most popular choices for those who wish to purchase Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies. This platform provides users with tough security measures and low fees.

Here is how to buy Dogecoin in the UK on the Binance platform:


The platform offers a quick registration procedure. Simply fill out the necessary fields in the sign-up form.

Undergo the verification procedure 

Send required documents, such as a scan of your ID, and wait for this information to be checked.

Deposing some funds

Pick a preferred payment option and add some funds to your account.

Purchase Dogecoin

Select this cryptocurrency from the list of options, specify the amount of your purchase, and complete the transaction. There is also a video on how to buy Dogecoin with a credit/debit card on the official site of this platform. You can watch it if you wish to use this payment method.

Buying Dogecoin at Changelly


It is a trustworthy and secure exchange platform. Currently, people can trade more than 100 different cryptocurrencies at Changelly, and new altcoins are added to the platform regularly. This exchange offers users to enjoy a great trading experience.

This is how to buy Dogecoin on this platform:

Choose the crypto pair for exchange

There is an online form, in which, you will indicate what assets you wish to exchange. Check whether you are fine with the rate and proceed.

Confirm your transaction

Once you confirm your transaction, you will need to sign in/sign up to your account using just your email address. This will allow saving the transaction history.

Complete the transaction

Now, you need to send the needed amount to the address provided and get the crypto in your wallet within a few minutes. All in all, it will not take you a long time to make such a transaction with Dogecoin.

Buying Dogecoin at ShapeShift


ShapeShift has a simple interface, which makes it a good choice for beginners. It is a very quick and easy-to-use platform since customers are not required to undergo KYC or pay any commission.

You will be able to exchange assets on this platform quickly and simply:

Register and log in to your account

The registration procedure is quick and easy, and you will undergo it within a few minutes.

Choose assets for trades 

You need to pick which assets you wish to exchange. For instance, you can exchange Bitcoin for Dogecoin.

Enter the details of your wallets

In the relevant fields, you will need to enter the address of your wallets. The first one is the wallet from which crypto will be taken, and the second one is the address to which cryptocurrency will be received.

Buying Dogecoin at Bittrex


Bittrex is one of the oldest crypto platforms that have been around since 2014. It allows trading various assets and many crypto pairs. It comes with an instant buy/sell option, which is very convenient for many users. Bittrex offers tough protection for personal information and funds.

Although there is an instant sell/buy option, it is available for users who have undergone the verification procedure.

Here is how to buy Dogecoin on this platform:


You will start your trading experience by clicking on the Sign Up button and filling out a brief registration form.

Filling out your profile 

After you log in to your account, you will need to add more information to your profile.

ID Verification

Now, you will need to prove your identity. This can be done by submitting the scan of your ID.

Providing additional info

You may also need to add some more information on the platform.

Buy Dogecoin

Now, you can make a transaction by choosing the asset you wish to buy and the payment method.

Buying Dogecoin at Cryptomate


Cryptomate has been launched to allow customers to enjoy quick, easy, and secure cryptocurrency transactions. Its services are available for British residents who have access to online banking. Usually, orders are executed within 15 minutes.

There is the instruction on buying Dogecoin from the Cryptomate platform:

Choose your cryptocurrency 

There are various cryptocurrencies you can purchase on the Cryptomate website. If you wish to purchase Dogecoin, you need to pick it from the list of options.

Get a wallet address

You need to choose a wallet you wish and get its address.

Place your first order 

You will specify how many Dogecoins you wish to buy. This crypto coin will be bought using the money you have in your account.

Buying Dogecoin with a Credit Card

Today, more and more platforms allow users to buy Dogecoin with a credit card. Another convenient method that can be used is a bank transfer. One of the reasons why many people prefer using those two options is that such transactions can be conducted instantly. This means users are not required to register on the platform first. Also, they do not need to undergo the verification procedure to complete the transaction. The thing is that it will be easy to identify the buyer if it is needed.

Where Is It Possible to Store Your Coins after Buying Dogecoin

Where are you going to store your coins after you buy Dogecoin with GPB? It is possible to do that right in your account on the exchange of your choice, or you can transfer them to a separate wallet. There are several options you can consider in this case. If your priority is top security, choosing a hardware wallet would be a good choice. If you want to get access to your funds quickly, consider opting for web-based, mobile, or desktop wallets.

Here are a few wallets you can use after buying Dogecoin:

  • Ledger Nano S. It is the most popular hardware wallet on the market. The device is small; so, you can carry it with you without any problems. It is a good option for those looking for a well-protected way to store their cryptocurrencies.
  • KeepKey. It is also a good hardware wallet. KeepKey is a nicely designed device that comes at an affordable price.
  • Jaxx. This wallet can be run on PCs and mobile devices. It comes with decent security features, and it is very easy to use. This option is suitable for storing over 90 cryptocurrencies.
  • Coinomi. This mobile wallet allows storing more than 500 crypto coins. It first appeared in 2014, and since then, its popularity has been growing. This wallet is a great option for those interested in a high level of privacy.
  • Dogecoin Core. It is an official wallet that has been specially designed for storing Dogecoin. It can be used on both PCs and mobile devices.
If you are a beginner, you should pick a wallet that comes with a simple design. As you gain some experience in using it, you can switch to a wallet offering more features.

Legal Purposes for Buying Dogecoin

One of the reasons why crypto coins like Dogecoin are used for payments is anonymity. This advantage is interesting for many people who wish to use this digital asset for legal purposes. However, those who aim at spending money for unlawful purposes also appreciate this benefit. While the cryptocurrency market is decentralized, local governments can do a range of actions to ensure the legal use of digital money. For instance, if you buy Dogecoin in the UK, you are required to undergo the verification procedure. It is associated with providing necessary documents that can prove your identity, address, and some other details.

Also, exchanges offering transactions with crypto money must be properly registered. In some cases, it is enough to obtain an e-license to provide such services. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the body that registers such exchanges and makes sure transactions are made legally. You cannot buy Dogecoin in the UK for a range of purposes, including the following:

  • Money laundering
  • Terrorism financing

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