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What is BitcoinTopBrokers?

The website started out as a personal blog and has since grown into an independent news and information portal. With daily news, guides, instructions and information texts, the BitcoinTopBrokers editorial team provides a dynamic source of information. Primarily cryptocurrencies and buying guides are covered, but there are also numerous reports, courses and pages on the topic of buying shares, investment tips, CFD trading and many other useful and interesting areas.

From blockchain technologies to the latest stock trends, fintech information and background information on the Internet of Things, the platform covers the entire spectrum of future-oriented investments. Tests and reviews of brokers, wallet comparisons, social traders and share portfolios can also be found on the site. News, features and analysis on significant crypto and investment topics are published daily and also distributed via Google News.

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The BitcoinTopBrokers editorial team follows the standards of modern and unbiased journalism. Every news item is checked for accuracy and sources are quoted conscientiously and correctly.

The editorial team consists of members from UK. The editorial team works independently of this. We report on important and current topics and place them in the best possible context in order to make a valuable contribution to the English-language crypto and investment news world.

Hi, my name is Benzion. I have twelve years of experience in the Forex industry, and I have launched two successful crypto trading services. I have in-depth experience on several blockchain networks like Bitcoin, Etheruem, EOS, Cardano, Hyperledger, ICON, Komado, etc. I also have in-depth knowledge of blockchain techniques, including various consensus mechanisms, DLT, smart contracts, security, and privacy measures. Benzion Friedman