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Anyone who has been on Facebook, Google or well-known news sites lately has been confronted time and again with seemingly unbelievable advertisements: Celebrities such as Dieter Bohlen, Thomas Gottschalk, Boris Becker or Frank Thelen would have made fabulous profits in a very short time by using apparently magical Bitcoin robots. One of the robots is Bitcoin Superstar: it promises high profits at low risk. But can the software keep its promise?Bitcoin Superstar Logo

For this reason, it is advisable to take a look behind the scenes. Because it is not only about whether the promises can be kept at all, but also about the question of whether it is a reputable provider. One should not underestimate that there are definitely some "black sheep" who only ensure that traders lose their money with misleading advertising.

Bitcoin Superstar in the test: What is Bitcoin Superstar?

What is Bitcoin Circuit

Is there an algorithm that is able to predict price fluctuations when it comes to bitcoin? Yes. Those who work with Bitcoin Superstar, according to the provider, can look forward to an accuracy of around 89 percent. This means that you can definitely make high profits here.

If you think you can make a quick judgement about Bitcoin Superstar, you are mistaken. Due to the fact that Bitcoin Superstar offers an extremely diverse range of services, it is essential to take a look behind the scenes. There are also numerous experience and test reports that should not be ignored.

Of course, you can be sceptical when you come across a provider who has allegedly developed software that is (almost) always right. Especially when it comes to Bitcoin trading. The cryptocurrency is ultimately known for falling by 10 per cent within hours, only to see its price rise again by 15 per cent.

Wolf of Wall Street

Above all, it is often the truly unanticipated events that have a significant impact on the cryptocurrency - for example, when it comes to the market entry of newly created digital currencies, possible bans or even developments related to the blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin.

So is it really possible to predict the Bitcoin's price trend?

How does Bitcoin Superstar work?

Bitcoin Superstar observes the crypto market and subsequently analyses Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Price trends are then calculated on the basis of the analyses. If the crypto trading bot is of the opinion that the price of the Bitcoin will rise, it buys - if the calculations show that the price will fall again, it sells.

Due to the fact that the robot constantly observes the market, i.e. 24 hours/day, it does not miss any trends - a position can be opened or closed at any time. This is a clear advantage over the human trader, who does not have the opportunity to sit in front of the computer all day. Moreover, one must not forget that the robot is not manipulated by his feelings either. While the trader can certainly be influenced by his gut feeling, the software follows exclusively the calculations made.

Of course, one must not forget that losses are also possible - even if Bitcoin Superstar likes to put this in the background. However, Bitcoin Superstar is not alone with this tactic; there is hardly any provider who points out that losses can also be made. First and foremost, it is always about the high profits.

Of course, high profits are possible, as long as you invest an appropriate amount and the market moves in the right direction for the trader. If the market does not develop as desired, losses are of course also possible.

Bitcoin Superstar: scam or serious robot?

At first glance, the software looks reputable. It doesn't look as if Bitcoin Superstar is a scam.... But does this opinion hold up if you take a closer look at the provider? Finally, it is also about the experience and test reports that can be found on the internet.

Bitcoin Superstar seems to be a thoroughly reputable option if you want to invest your money profitably. However, one should not forget that the risk that one takes here is extremely high. Whenever high profits are promised, the risk should also not be disregarded - there are no guaranteed profits.

It is important that every trader ultimately makes the decision for himself whether or not to open an account with the provider. Only if you can rule out for yourself that there are no dubious or fraudulent dealings to be feared here, should you decide in favour of the provider.

Opening a Bitcoin Superstar account: How to sign up for Bitcoin Superstar?

Here you can find out the individual steps to register with Bitcoin Superstar. If you go to the Bitcoin Superstar page, you will first come across a video that shows various CNN reports. This is mainly about the "money of the future" - the Bitcoin. So right at the beginning, one tries to convince the trader that Bitcoin is the "means of payment of the future".

If one is of the opinion that the Bitcoin Superstar software fulfils those requirements that are important to oneself, then it is a matter of opening the account so that money can subsequently be invested in the crypto market.

Step number 1: Register with Bitcoin Superstar

Bitcoin Superstar registrationAt the beginning, the empty fields have to be filled in. Bitcoin Superstar wants to know the first and last name of its users and also requires a valid email address and telephone number. The password can be generated by the user. It is important to choose a password that consists of letters, numbers and special characters to ensure the highest possible security.

It should be noted that the provider does not require verification. This means that neither an e-mail nor an SMS is sent - due to the fact that this step is omitted, the registration process is finished after sending the data.

Step number 2: The first deposit

Bitcoin Superstar depositOnce you have registered, you will be redirected to the page of a partner broker - this could be eMarkets Trade, for example. This is a quite renowned broker that works together with Bitcoin Superstar. The trader can then make the minimum deposit, which is 250 euros. Once the minimum deposit has been made, trading can begin immediately.

Step number 3: Trading

The demo version provided by the provider is recommended. This gives beginners the chance to have a look around the platform without any risk. But not only beginners should get to grips with the demo version - it is of course also recommended for professionals, as this way they can safely deal with the various offers of the software.

If one then feels ready, automatic trading can be started. Here, the trader acts as an observer who can, of course, intervene at any time. If you notice that things are going in the wrong direction, the settings can of course be adjusted to the current market developments.

Bitcoin Superstar customer support

Bitcoin hand take money

Bitcoin Superstar impresses above all with its extremely reliable, competent and very friendly customer service. The fact that the employees are available around the clock, i.e. 24 hours a day, is particularly positive. Contact can be established via live chat and e-mail.

Bitcoin Superstar and Lions Den in the media: the entire industry is discredited

Unfortunately, in addition to Bitcoin Superstar, there are also always black sheep who place fake advertorials on Facbook and Co. What sounds unbelievable is, of course, also unbelievable. These are made-up stories by cunning scammers who just want to take hard-earned money out of the pockets of unsuspecting online users. To do this, they use the names of celebrities, bought advertisements and fictitious advertising reports - so-called "advertorials" on supposed news websites.

These unfair methods are therefore problematic because they bring the entire industry into disrepute. On the one hand, not everything that says Bitcoin on it is automatically a scam, and on the other hand, there are also reputable robots that can earn money if used correctly.

That's why it's all the more frustrating for users that all these tools are used instead of showing the opportunities and dangers of such tools in the form of serious articles and test reports.

We have tested various of these Bitcoin robots and while some are indeed a lousy scam, there are definitely alternatives like Bitcoin Superstar that work.

More information on dishonest dealings in the name of celebrities

Fake advertorials - Misused names, misleading reports, false promises

Fake "Advertorials" - Misused names, misleading reports, false promises
In fact, the advertising pages of many robots (including Bitcoin Revolution) are so-called "advertorials". On the target page, it is then "reported" - of course in an article filled with false information, which is supposed to resemble an online magazine - that the celebrity uses a seemingly magical Bitcoin Robot that has earned him a lot of money in a short time.

In reality, however, a group of criminal scammers is behind these ads, which can sometimes even be found on Facebook or display ads in the Google ad network. The strategy behind this is clear: the supposed endorsements by celebrities are intended to appeal to a target audience that has perhaps not yet been so closely involved with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and crypto trading.

As we reported in October, the scam works as follows: A non-existent product is advertised on the target page, which supposedly brings high profits in the shortest time. The visitors are supposed to register for this and make an initial deposit. In fact, the scammers then use this data to open new accounts at so-called CFD platforms, whereby the scammers also collect a commission for the referral. At the same time, of course, they also earn from the deposit that gullible visitors to the fake site have made - because unfortunately these supposed "new investors" never see that again.

To trick their victims with these nasty tricks, the fraudsters seem to stop at nothing. Supposedly real news sites are registered and set up so that visitors fall for the impression that a respectable online magazine is reporting a real news story. The names of celebrities and celebrities known from television are deliberately used to advertise their shabby machinations with familiar faces. Yes, even the photos of people on Facebook are arbitrarily copied, placed on the website and their supposed success story of thousands of euros earned in a few days is told.

What Facebook, Google and Co. are doing against misleading advertising

Facebook, Google and Co. have also declared war on fakes
Of course, with such criminal machinations, it is also surprising that the advertising networks of internet giants like Google and Facebook are open to such ads. How is it that advertising platforms approve such ads in the first place? Usually, it is because even on the big platforms, algorithms rather than humans usually review the ads before approving them.

Only when many users report a certain post, for example due to misleading advertising or other fraudulent intentions, does a manual review of such ads take place. Then it is not uncommon to block the entire campaign, or sometimes even the entire advertising account of the person responsible.

The solution, however, lasts only a short time. Practically nothing stops the fraudster from opening a new advertising account under a false name. Soon the same scam starts all over again.

Dieter Bohlen: Superstar judge makes Bitcoin announcement via Instagram video

In recent weeks, advertisements with his name and face have appeared on Facebook. Allegedly, according to the claim, Superstar jury member Dieter Bohlen has also used this Bitcoin Robot and earned good money with it. That is why he now recommends it to his fans.

Bohlen's collar has now burst - he is fed up with the misuse of his name. And he has also found clear, visibly emotional words to say about it. In a one-minute video that he posted for his 1.2 million Instagram fans, he addresses the misleading advertisements.

Unfortunately, he could not do anything against the responsible parties themselves, because they were based in Panama. However, "I don't have Bitcoins, I never will. So don't complain to me and don't buy the S******!".


Do we agree with Bohlen? A very clear "No!"
As explained above, Bitcoin Superstar is not a scam.

Other celebrities advertised with

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Frank Thelen

Frank Thelen warns of Bitcoin scam advertising with his name
Of course, Bohlen is not the only one whose name recognition the criminals are using to attract internet users. Frank Thelen, serial entrepreneur and famous member of the jury of Lions Den, was also a victim of the Bitcoin bot scammers back in 2017.

In fact, they advertise the whole show and the jurors right away, focusing on Thelen in particular. The whole thing was also enough for Thelen, even if he chose a milder and more thoughtful response. He published a blog post at the time in which he clearly warned against the criminal machinations. Moreover, he hoped that no one had yet been harmed by the scammers' nasty advertising scam.

Boris Becker, Günther Jauch, Thomas Gottschalk and others

Tennis legend Boris Becker and Thomas Gottschalk are now also in the crosshairs of Bitcoin scammers.
And it seems that the list of celebrities whose names are falsely advertised is getting longer and longer.

On the fake sites you can currently see fake testimonials of, among others
Dieter Bohlen
Boris Becker
Günther Jauch
Frank Thelen
Bruce Darnell
Thomas Gottschalk
Udo Kier
Yvonne Catterfeld
and others
Lie: Boris Becker did not invest

Even though celebrities like Bohlen and Thelen are now fighting back - and the media are diligently reporting on it - it is questionable how effective their efforts really are. Certainly, it makes sense to warn people so that they are not fooled by scammers in the case of advertisements.

Crypto Superstar - the namesake

By the way, there is not only a trading robot called Bitcoin Superstar, but also Crypto Superstar. This trading robot comes from the same providers and also produced good results in our test. If you want, you can try out the software here.

Opening a Crypto Superstar account is quite quick and new customers are guided intuitively through the registration process. Another advantage is that Crypto Superstar is not a standard Bitcoin crypto robot. Rather, the focus here is on trading between the different cryptocurrencies, which makes the investment a little more interesting.

Bitcoin robots are not a get-rich-quick scheme

Of course, Bitcoin robots also come into a skewed light due to such bait-and-switch offers and false advertising messages. Yet they can actually lead to profits for crypto enthusiasts and investors. Provided, of course, you only use reputable providers and know how to use them. They are called robots because these tools automatically take care of Bitcoin trading for a trader after registration. To do this, traders must first define parameters within which they want to trade. Bitcoin robots recognise arbitrage opportunities in the buying and selling price of Bitcoin and can act on behalf of traders.

Apart from the long list of black sheep that merely lure you with empty promises without providing any kind of trading bot at all, you should also exercise caution with reputable providers like Bitcoin Superstar and only invest the money you are prepared to lose.

Even the most advanced bots running on artificial intelligence cannot change one key fact. The crypto market is extremely volatile and dynamic. Not all price developments are subject to rational or easily predictable events. The next price jump - up or down - can have seemingly arbitrary triggers. Of course, an alternative can be to simply buy directly from a Bitcoin exchange.

Therefore, the use of Bitcoin robots should always be done with some scepticism and caution. You should only register with a verified and reputable bot to rule out fraud.

Conclusion: Is Bitcoin Superstar fake or serious?

Bitcoin Superstar is a serious option if you are looking for a software that supports you when you want to take some risks. Because anyone who invests in the crypto market must know that losses can occur again and again - extreme fluctuations are part of everyday life here.

Conclusion: There are no signs that Bitcoin Superstar is fake. Bitcoin Superstar is therefore serious.

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