• Mininmal Deposit: $250
  • Success rate: 90%
  • Daily profitability: up to $2700



Ease of Use


Comprehensive Bitcoin Era Review

Would you like to have a steady source of income that won’t take lots of time and effort? Trading cryptocurrencies is a great option for everyone. You can earn money from the difference in the price by buying and selling an asset. Everything seems simple; however, there can be some pitfalls you should be aware of. For instance, if the price goes against you, you will lose your money. So, how do you know when to hit the market and when to close the deal? You can learn lots of information on trading, various cryptocurrencies, strategies, and special features used to improve your results, types of analyzes used by traders, and more. While extra knowledge will surely be helpful, it will take you some time to gain it.

Yet, there is a way to start trading cryptocurrencies and earn money right now! All you need is a reliable trading robot that will think like a human… or even better than a human! Bitcoin Era may be exactly what you need. It is a bot designed for traders with any level of experience. Learn everything you need to know about it from this Bitcoin Era review.

Initial Information on Bitcoin Era

Being a trading robot, Bitcoin Era can conduct a range of actions instead of humans. It is possible thanks to AI and special algorithms. Basically, this robot has all the knowledge you can gain about trading cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it can analyze multiple graphs and charts and take into account a huge amount of information, which means that this tool can actually make more accurate predictions on the future price than you would.

Since it is a web-based app, you can run it on different devices. It does not matter whether you use a device powered by Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac because you will not have any compatibility problems.

The algorithm of Bitcoin Era was developed by a senior portfolio manager at a Wall Street hedge fund. He patented this tool in 2016. While Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency, there are also other crypto coins that you can trade using this robot:

  • NEO
  • Ethereum
  • EOS and others

 Bitcoin Era highlights:

  • Required investments — at least $250
  • Accuracy rate — 90%
  • Leverage — 1:5000
  • Possible annual income — $1 million
  • Number of trading strategies — more than 15

Different payment methods can be used to make deposit and withdrawal transactions, such as:

  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • American Express

The official website is available in more than ten different languages, including:

  • English
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian

The Bitcoin Era tool can be used in a network of brokers who actually give you access to the market. Since it is available in different countries, you will be connected to one of the brokers close to your location.

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How Does Bitcoin Era Work?

The most difficult work is conducted by the robot “behind the scene.” You will not see all those complicated codes and processes ensuring the high effectiveness of the tool. There will be a few buttons you will need to click on to adjust the settings of Bitcoin Era, such as its modes.

Since such a robot is a fully automated piece of software, you can run it and switch to doing other things. It will analyze plenty of data and make all the trades itself. You will simply need to check your balance from time to time. Please note that it is impossible to achieve a 100% accuracy of the predictions due to high volatility and possible unexpected situations, which may happen in the market. This means the robot may make unsuccessful trades from time to time.

It is essential to be prepared for such situations. So, you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. At the same time, the effectiveness of the robot can be much higher if you do some analytics yourself, especially if you are an experienced trader.

Another option that you have is trading in a manual mode. In this case, you will also run the robot, but it will not make any trades. Once it spots a favorable moment to enter the market, it will send your signals. You will be able to have a look at the charts, graphs, indicators, news, and other data to decide whether you wish to trade now or you will wait for a different moment. This means that you will place your orders manually.

Generally, everything is quite simple. Also, you will have a demo account, which allows practicing as long as you wish before you start using your real money.

Is Bitcoin Era Legit?

When it comes to a tool that promises to deliver a high income quickly and easily, you want to ensure it is not a scam. Bitcoin Era has been around for more than five years. This tool is properly registered and licensed. It is connected with a range of trusted brokers who comply with the strict requirements of various authorities.

When registering on the website of the trading robot, you will provide a few details, such as your name, phone number, and others. You can do this with peace of mind since the website is protected with encryption technology, which does not allow cyber thieves to steal your personal details. You can count on the transparency of all the conditions and the absence of hidden fees.

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Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Era

Like every tool, Bitcoin Era has its pros and cons. They are listed in the table below:


  • A high accuracy rate
  • Available in different languages
  • Various payment methods
  • Different trading modes
  • Suitable even for beginners
  • Full security and safety
  • Reasonable initial investments
  • A high level of leverage


  • Unavailable in some countries
  • $250 may be a large amount of money for some people
  • Available only within a certain network of brokers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Bitcoin Era Features

The robot comes with several helpful features. They allow setting your robot as you wish:


Before you start running your robot, you need to adjust a few settings. This will allow you to trade based on your preferences. Some of the settings include the amount of money per trade, the length of a trading session, and others. Since you can trade in a demo mode initially, you will be able to check how everything works and how it is possible to adjust your settings for the best effect.

Two Trading Modes

You can set the auto mode and relax. In this case, the robot will be acting based on its algorithms. You will not need to have your device around to do any actions while your robot is working. If you want to use the manual mode, you will need to have your PC, smartphone, or a different device close to you. Once the robot detects the right price and predicts a possible trend, it will send you signals. In this case, you need to grab your device and place your order or simply decide to use a different situation in your favor.

Demo and Live Trading

You should not be afraid of doing something wrong because you can use the demo mode. It allows you to do everything you want with the robot and trading platform without any risks. Such a mode gives you an opportunity to trade using fake money. At the same time, everything else will be like in a real-money mode, including settings, auto and manual trading, situations in the market, and other aspects. Not only can you use this mode to learn how the robot works but also to test various strategies, invest different amounts of money and see the effect, determine approximate income based on the amount of your investment, and more.

Payment Transactions

It will be quick and easy to place both deposit and withdrawal requests. Various payment methods can be used for this purpose. Some of them are country-specific. Initially, you will need to make your first deposit transaction of at least $250. That is enough money to start generating a good level of income.

As you will earn money, your account balance will increase. You should reinvest some funds because this will allow you to obtain more money. The rest of your earnings can be withdrawn using a variety of methods.

How Much Money Is It Possible to Earn with Bitcoin Era?

According to information on the official website, using this robot is highly profitable. It is possible to earn about $1 million per year by investing only $250. However, your earnings can be different. This depends on how often you trade, how much money you reinvest, how many successful trades you make, and other factors.

When trading in the demo account, you will be able to estimate an approximate level of your profit. Also, you can check how your earnings can change depending on different factors, such as trading modes, the amount of money you invest, and so on. Generally, it is possible to become rich if you use this trading robot wisely.

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How to Start Trading with Bitcoin Era?

To start earning money with this trading robot, you will need to take a few simple actions:

step 1

Registering on the Bitcoin Era Official Website

A short registration form is available right on the homepage of the Bitcoin Era official website. It contains only a few fields for you to fill out.  Remember to read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions before you click on the Register Now button.

step 2

Undergoing a Verification Procedure

Once the form is received by specialists of the company, you will get a phone call. They will quickly verify your information and explain how you can activate your account.

step 3

Making a Deposit

The essential requirement for starting trading with Bitcoin Era is to make a deposit. You will get access to this feature shortly after your registration in the system. The minimum required deposit you can make is $250. For this purpose, you can use a good range of payment methods. The fees and processing times depend on which option you pick. If you do not see the money in your account within the expected timeframe, you should contact the customer support reps of the company.

step 4

Trading in Demo Mode

The demo mode is what you should start with. It allows familiarizing yourself with the robot and all its features in a safe way. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you will quickly figure out what to click on to adjust the settings of the tool. This is when you can trade in the auto or manual modes, change the amount of your investment, the lengths of your trading session, and other parameters. Even if you have traded cryptocurrencies before and gained a good idea of how everything works, it is still recommended to spend some time using the demo account.

step 5

Trading in Real-Money Mode

You can switch to live trading only after you start earning some income regularly. Everything will remain the same except for the money you use for trading. Now, it will be your funds. An income on every trade will be added to your account balance, and each loss will be deducted from it.

step 6

Withdrawing Your Money

Finally, you can withdraw your funds, excluding the money that you want to reinvest. It is up to you how to divide your earnings, but it is recommended to reinvest at least 50% of them. Use one of the offered payment options to send your withdrawal request. In case of any problems with a payout, you can always contact the helpdesk.

Bitcoin Era in TV programs

Interesting products are often mentioned in popular TV shows. We have heard some rumors that Bitcoin Era has been discussed in three popular TV programs. So, we initiated our own little investigation to figure out whether this is true.

  • Shark Tank. It is a popular show in America. It allows entrepreneurs with bright ideas to find funds to implement their projects. Several wealthy people are presented at the studio. They listen to what new businessmen have on offer and decide whether their ideas are really interesting enough to invest some money. Each entrepreneur has only a few minutes. As for the rumors regarding Bitcoin Era being featured in one of the programs, we could not find any proof of that.
  • This Morning Show. This program is streamed in the UK. It is dedicated to many different topics, including foods, fashion, health, finances, and more. We could not find any proof that Bitcoin Era has ever been mentioned in one of the programs.
  • Dragon’s Den. It is a British TV program. It is similar to Shark Tank because it also gives a chance to entrepreneurs to find money and implement their ideas. While we have heard rumors that Bitcoin Era has been mentioned in one of the Dragon’s Den programs, we cannot confirm that.

Has Bitcoin Era Been Ever Recommended by Celebrities?

Everything said by celebrities quickly becomes known among lots of people. If they recommend something, it receives attention not only from the fans of those famous people but also from many others. So, let’s find out whether Bitcoin Era has ever been endorsed by celebrities.

Elon Musk

The name of this businessman is known all over the world. Elon can actually impact prices on the market through posting in his official account on Twitter. If he recommended Bitcoin Era, the whole world would find out about that in a few minutes. We could not spot any evidence of that.

Gordon Ramsey

Ramsay is a world’s known British chef. He is famous not only for his love for culinary but also for cryptocurrencies. According to some rumors, Ramsay has recommended Bitcoin Era. However, we have not found any evidence that this is really so.

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Customer Testimonials on Bitcoin Era

"This robot is amazing. I’m so excited about it so I decided to write my testimonial. I did not have any experience when I started to use it. Nevertheless, I earned $800 on the first day when I switched to live trading. I’ve been using this tool for a couple of months now. It makes mistakes sometimes, but it surely works more effectively than I can." - Albert A. 

"It is not the first trading robot that I have tried. I like the idea of earning money by buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Also, it is very convenient to use bots. I had some issues with previous companies, such as slow withdrawals. Everything works perfectly with Bitcoin Era." - Courtney A.

"It’s a good robot. It helps me a lot. I noticed, however, that I get better results when I trade in the manual mode. I’ve spent much time learning how the market works, so extra knowledge can really help." - Justine L.

"I’m so glad that I found out about this bot! I came across a Bitcoin Era review and read it carefully. Then I decided to give this tool a try. That was a life-changing experience! It allows trading whenever you want. You can also choose different trading modes, which is very convenient. While it was difficult for me to collect $250 to invest, I don’t regret doing so." - Kate I.

"The robot is fine. I cannot really say anything bad about it. It is easy to use and it earns more money than it loses." - Damien R.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

While you can switch the robot to its auto mode and let it run, allowing it to earn money, there are some things you can do in order to improve your results:

  • Trade in a demo account first. It can be tempting to start earning money as soon as possible. However, you should spend enough time trading with fake money. This will give you a clear idea of what buttons to press on, how to adjust different parameters, etc.
  • Use a small amount of money per trade. As a beginner, you should not use all the money you have in your account on a single trade. That is because the robot will make some mistakes since the market can be unpredictable even for the machine. By managing your funds properly, you will be able to decrease risks.
  • Improve your knowledge. All the information that you need to know about cryptocurrencies, trading, types of analysis, and more can be found on the Internet. It will help you improve your results since you can be more selective when it comes to trades offered by the robot.
  • Read forecasts. You can find a few reputable trading experts who share their predictions. Following them can also enhance your outcomes.

You can find more interesting tips on the Internet.

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Bitcoin Era vs. Other Trading Apps

It is only one of the trading robots you can choose from. Since alternatives exist, you want to decide what to pick. All the information you need to know is provided in the table below:


Bitcoin Era

Other Trading App

Customer reviews

A number of positive customer reviews

Some apps have negative reviews.

Accuracy rate


Some trading tools have a lower accuracy rate.

Payment methods

Various payment methods, from credit/debit cards to bank transfers

Some trading robots have fewer payment options.


Top-notch security and privacy protection

Many reliable trading apps offer a high level of protection.

Possible income

$1 million per year

Profitability offered by many trading apps is lower than that.

Generally, we can see that Bitcoin Era has a range of advantages over many other trading platforms. In particular, it offers a greater ROI, a better range of payment options, and its rating is higher due to multiple positive customer reviews.

Bottom Line

At the end of this Bitcoin Era review, we can confidently state that this tool is reliable and effective. It allows earning money by trading cryptocurrencies even if you do not have a financial background or any special knowledge. The minimum required amount of investment is reasonable, as you need to deposit $250 only. You can use a decent range of payment methods, which allows picking the best option in terms of fees and processing times. Also, the tool has many positive reviews, proving that it really allows earning lots of money.


What is Bitcoin Era?

It is an automated trading robot, which can do a variety of tasks instead of a trader. Not only does it significantly simplify an investor’s work but also helps in achieving better results. Bitcoin Era is one of the robots available in the market today. We can assure you that it is one of the best variants you can pick from.

Is Bitcoin Era safe?

You can use Bitcoin Era without any worries. It is safe to provide your information on its website because it will be protected with an encryption certificate and other measures. The robot is based on trusted and effective technologies. Since its accuracy range is pretty high, it gives you real opportunities to earn money even without special knowledge or skills.

Is Bitcoin Era legitimate?

It is a fully legitimate tool registered and licensed properly. Bitcoin Era has many positive customer reviews. The official website contains lots of helpful information. The solution is only available in a network of the most trusted brokers. You can be sure this trading robot is not a scam.

How do you get Bitcoin Era?

First of all, you need to get registered on the official website of Bitcoin Era. You will need to spend less than one minute on that. Once your information is verified, you can make a deposit. After trading in a demo mode for some time, you will be able to switch to live trading.

How does Bitcoin Era work?

Bitcoin Era works in two different modes. The first one is automatic, which means that the robot will open and close trades on its own based on the analysis it conducts. In case of using its manual mode, the robot will notify you about favorable situations in the market so that you could open and close trades yourself.

Can you make money with Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is designed to help you make money by trading cryptocurrencies. While it can make mistakes from time to time, it will surely make more accurate decisions than you. The thing is that it is capable of working with plenty of data and analyzing various factors simultaneously. Thanks to this, you can enjoy a decent level of income.

Who owns Bitcoin Era?                              

The names of people standing behind this piece of software remain unrevealed. However, it is known that one of them used to be a senior portfolio manager at a Wall Street hedge fund. We can assume that several specialists were engaged in the development of Bitcoin Era, including traders and developers.



Digital money without any centralized regulation


A digital record of transactions that cannot be changed


Any traditional currency


The first crypto coin developed based on the Blockchain technology


“Alt” stands for alternative, and the term means all cryptocurrencies alternative to Bitcoin

Bear market

The term is used to indicate the situation in the market when the price for a cryptocurrency goes up

Bull market 

The term is used to indicate the situation in the market when the price for a cryptocurrency goes down


Means the same as automated robots. It is a piece of software designed to conduct a range of tasks instead of humans


The amount of money that can be borrowed by an investor from a broker

Short Position

Selling cryptocurrency;

Long Position

Buying cryptocurrency

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