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Bitcoin Billionaire is a so-called crypto trading bot. What is special about it? Inexperienced users who have never had anything to do with cryptocurrencies can make quite attractive profits. Here, the trading bot behind Bitcoin Billionaire trades and not the trader himself.

But is this a serious offer or would it be better to keep your hands off Bitcoin Billionaire?

Background knowledge on Bitcoin


Bitcoin Billionaire advertises that traders can earn around 6,325 US dollars per day. Even if it doesn't seem realistic at first, this is very possible.

The bitcoin price is always climbing up and down - if you are right in your assessment and make the appropriate bet, you can end up with high profits.
It only becomes problematic if the market does not develop as desired.

If you look back at the history of the Bitcoin, for example, unpredictable price developments were (and still are) not uncommon: at the beginning of 2017, the Bitcoin was in the region of 1,000 US dollars - twelve months later it was at just under 20,000 US dollars, with the crash following shortly afterwards: in 2018, the Bitcoin lost around 80 percent of its value, but celebrated a comeback in the middle of 2019, as it was able to break through the 10,000 US dollar barrier again. At the beginning of the year, the cryptocurrency was at just 3,500 US dollars. In 2020, bitcoin has stabilised around $9,000.

Bitcoin Billonaire: Experiences and opinions

The fact is: Bitcoin Billionaire is a classic auto-trading software. The programme is based on algorithms so that trades are placed automatically.

The trader takes on the role of observer - in the end, the human doesn't have to do anything, but if the robot is right, he can very well look forward to attractive profits.

Trader talks about a scenario with bitcoin

Why high profits are possible?

The crypto trading bot observes the market developments and subsequently analyses in which direction the price could then develop.
Due to the fact that Bitcoin Billionaire can monitor the market 24 hours a day - seven days a week - the trader can enjoy an advantage that should not be underestimated. The software simply recognises every trend.

Moreover, there is no gut feeling. While human traders are often deceived by their gut feeling or even hesitate, so that the perfect entry point is missed, the trading bot reacts immediately based on the collected data.

The hit rate published by Bitcoin Billionaire is 90 percent - compared to other providers, this is an extremely good and realistic value. There are also providers who advertise that they have a hit rate of 99 percent. This means that here the probability of losing is almost impossible - however, unforeseen events can always cause the market to move in the other direction. There is no strategy that will always keep you on track.

No matter what is promised by the provider: High profits are possible, but you must not believe that you cannot lose money - losses are always possible when you invest in cryptocurrencies or trade with cryptocurrencies.

How does Bitcoin Billionaire work?

Bitcoin Billionaire LogoRegistration is completely free. If you have made a comparison and come to the conclusion that the Bitcoin Billionaire offer meets your expectations, it is advisable to open an account. After the trader has registered, the next step is to deposit a minimum amount - this amounts to 250 US dollars. This amount is customary in the industry and is also required by other providers, such as Bitcoin Profit or The News Spy.

Now it's about the trading settings, which can be adjusted according to personal wishes and ideas. This is exactly where beginners are often surprised: Bitcoin Billionaire advertises that the crypto trading bot does the work, but it is oriented towards the trader's settings.

Fundamental analysis

Bitcoin hand take money

This means that profit and loss depend in part on the trader. Of course, the trading robot does the hard work, i.e. observes and analyses the market, places and closes trades, but the bot is oriented towards the trader's settings.
For this reason, it is important to observe the successes and failures. Those who believe that it is enough to only make settings at the beginning are mistaken - this is exactly the reason why high losses can occur. If you do not notice that the settings you have made do not lead to success, you will not adjust them - so you cannot even make a profit.

Opening the Bitcoin Billionaire account

If you think you have found the right platform with Bitcoin Billionaire, you have to register in advance - only once an account has been opened can you start trading. As already mentioned, registration is free of charge. Bitcoin Billionaire does not charge any fees, so that the deposited amount is available in full.

Step number 1: Registration

Registering with Bitcoin Billionaire / Registration formOn the official homepage, you will find the registration form at the top right. If you want to open an account, you only have to enter your first and last name and an email address.

Then it's time to generate a password. A password consisting of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters is recommended. Then the trader is asked for his telephone number. If you enter your correct number here, you can assume that you will be contacted by the provider. If you do not want to be contacted, it is advisable to enter a different number.

After entering all data, the account is opened. Now you can start trading.

Step number 2: The first deposit

Deposit money at Bitcoin BillionaireOnce the registration process is completed, the new trader is directly forwarded to the trading room. However, one must not forget about the first deposit - only after the trader has made the first deposit, he can start trading. The minimum deposit is 250 US dollars. A sum that is completely sufficient to put the crypto trading bot to the test.

Bitcoin Billionaire supports various deposit methods - for example, depositing with a credit or debit card, by bank transfer or also with Bitcoin.

Step number 3: Trading

Once the deposit has been made and the account has been loaded with the minimum amount, trading can be started. However, it is important to adjust the trading settings in advance.

As already mentioned: The crypto trading bot always orients itself to the settings made - so in the end, the trader also decides for himself how high the profit or loss will be. This includes the maximum number of trades per day, stop loss or take profit limits, or the maximum amount that can be bet per trade. The Trading Crypto Bot should only be activated when the trading settings meet your own expectations.

The customer support

The Bitcoin Billionaire employees are available via email or live chat and can be contacted at any time - 24 hours a day. Whether suggestions, requests, complaints or even questions - as a rule, the employees are very responsive and work solution-oriented, so that traders can be helped immediately.

Why should you choose Bitcoin Billionaire?

  • The success rate of Bitcoin Billionaire is between 88 percent and 90 percent - this means that a quite high hit rate is achieved here, but it is not "unrealistically high". Because if providers report that the hit rate is 99 percent, that would ultimately mean that you would always win. However, this is not possible, especially with cryptocurrencies. Unforeseen events can always drive the market in the other direction - losses are therefore always possible.
  • Those who choose Bitcoin Billionaire are offered a free demo account. Here you can familiarise yourself with the various functions, which can then be tried out safely. This is not a matter of course - only very few providers offer free demo versions.
  • Registration is also very simple and quick. The provider has dispensed with lengthy questionnaires; even beginners who have never had anything to do with the matter will not be faced with any challenges. The entire registration process at Bitcoin Billionaire takes no longer than two minutes.
  • The minimum deposit is 250 US dollars. This is a sum that will appeal to beginners in particular, because you don't have to take on too much risk.
  • If you apply for a payout, it will be processed within 24 hours.
  • Bitcoin Billionaire is also extremely user-oriented. The user interface of the software is self-explanatory, so even beginners will have no problems with it.

The conclusion

Bitcoin Billionaire is a profitable and reliable trading robot, at least according to the various test reports and testimonials. Whether you are a beginner or a professional - whoever decides to use Bitcoin Billionaire can very well make high profits.

However, one should never forget that the market can also develop in an unfavourable direction for the trader. Losses can only be reduced if the right settings are used.



Is Bitcoin Billionaire a legal offer?

Yes. Bitcoin Billionaire is a legitimate auto-trading robot. If you choose Bitcoin Billionaire, you don't have to worry about it being a banned software.

Is the success rate always 90 percent?

Yes. Various tests have clearly shown that the success rate is always between 88 percent and 90 percent.

Can Bitcoin be withdrawn from the Bitcoin Billionaire account?

Yes. A withdrawal can always be requested. Requests are usually processed within 24 hours. The winnings are transferred directly to the specified bank account.

What customer services are available?

The Bitcoin Billionaire staff can always be contacted by email or also by live chat. Due to the fact that the staff is available 24 hours/day, the customer never has to wait long for an answer. For urgent matters, it is advisable to contact the live chat staff directly.

Can inexperienced people also use the offer?

Yes, the trading robot was created to help all those who have not yet gained years of experience. Especially beginners who have had little to do with cryptocurrencies should use the offer. However, it is important to deal with the settings in advance - i.e. take a look at the stop loss and take profit limits.

Was Bitcoin Billionaire a candidate for the "Lions Den"?

No, we are not aware of any connection between Bitcoin Billionaire and Lions Den.


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