Bitcoin Circuit: Test, experiences and user opinions for 2021

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There are now an incredible number of crypto robots on the market. This is no wonder, because the demand is just as great. While traditional financial products are losing popularity, the number of people interested in the alternatives found in the crypto sector is growing. And the idea sounds great: you invest a certain amount in an automatic trading software and can then sit back and relax while the bot rakes in the profits.

This or something similar is how it is supposed to work with the Bitcoin Circuit app. But whether Bitcoin Circuit works seriously or whether there is a Bitcoin Circuit scam when investing in the app remains to be found out. In our Bitcoin Circuit review, we will not only look at the Bitcoin Circuit experiences, but of course also at opening a Bitcoin Circuit account.

What is Bitcoin Circuit?

What is Bitcoin Circuit

The Bitcoin Circuit app is a classic crypto robot. It takes over the entire trading of the digital currency for the human traders. And it does so in a highly efficient manner:

Because the automatic trading software works around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, without a break. This is already the first major advantage of using a crypto bot.
Furthermore, the crypto robots can also shine with efficiency in terms of speed. Because the calculations that the crypto robots make in everyday life are of course much faster than the calculations that human traders laboriously make by studying charts, statistics and the like.
In addition, crypto robots provide another good reason for their use: they have no emotional attachment to the digital coins. They do not get nervous when the crypto market heats up. Accordingly, the crypto robot makes decisions based purely on factual calculations. Not on guesswork.
And yet this automatic trading software is not infallible, as we will see.

How does the Bitcoin Circuit app work?

Now we would like to know how the Bitcoin Circuit app works in detail. Assuming that the Bitcoin Circuit is a classic crypto robot, the way it works is quickly explained:

The crypto robot calculates the probability of certain developments of the various cryptocurrencies on the basis of algorithms. Of course, the bot only considers the cryptocurrencies that are relevant for the human investor.

In most cases, the crypto robots use the pump and dump technique. This means that the crypto bots do not orient themselves to the actions of the masses, but act in the opposite direction. If the majority wants to get rid of their coins, the automatic trading software buys the virtual coins at a favourable price. If the majority of traders in the market now buy the digital coins in bulk, the crypto robot sells them at the highest possible price. In this way, the software tries to get the best prices and chances of profit for the investor.

Wolf of Wall Street

How to use the Bitcoin Circuit

If you now think that the way the Bitcoin Circuit works sounds quite tempting, you will certainly want to test the offer yourself. To do so, it is necessary to open a Bitcoin Circuit account. Here we can already find out whether Bitcoin Circuit works seriously. Because depending on the structure of the security measures, the providers already reveal a lot about themselves. The registration at Bitcoin Circuit is quite clearly designed and can be done in three steps.

Step 1: Registering with Bitcoin Circuit

If you want to gain your first Bitcoin Circuit experience, you have to open a Bitcoin Circuit account. To do this, we go to the Bitcoin Circuit website, where we find the registration form quite present.

Only the input of the name, the first name, the email address and the telephone number are necessary to get started at Bitcoin Circuit.

Now you are redirected to a partner broker where the trade is processed. This is quite a common procedure in the industry. You should only make sure that this broker is also a reputable provider.

Step 2: Deposit and withdrawal at Bitcoin Circuit

Depositing and withdrawing at Bitcoin Circuit is quick and there are several payment methods available. As soon as the account is funded, trading can begin. Investors can then follow the actions of the crypto robot live via the platform.

Step 3: Trading with Bitcoin Circuit

Once the trading account is loaded, trading can begin. If you want, you can also get to know the software a little better in the demo account and see what the various functions do. This way, you don't have to put your own money directly into the account, but can test the software and try out different strategies in advance.

Bitcoin Circuit in the test: scam or not?

Bitcoin hand take money

To get a first impression of the Bitcoin Circuit app, let's go to the Bitcoin Circuit website. Here you can certainly find indications of a possible Bitcoin Circuit scam. There, as a greeting, the slogan can be read:


This advertising promise is indeed neatly exaggerated, but nevertheless customary in the industry. Other crypto robots, such as Cryptosoft or Bitcoin Loophole, also like to use similar slogans.

In addition, we find the claim on the website that the Bitcoin Circuit is 99.4% accurate. This is a success rate that the financial market has not seen before. Accordingly, it can also be assumed here that this is a not entirely cleverly placed advertising measure.

These are all qualitative gaps, but they do not yet point to a tangible Bitcoin Circuit fraud.

Is Bitcoin Circuit a scam? What the users say

If you want to fully immerse yourself in the research of a crypto robot, you should find out how far the theoretical offer corresponds to the real implementation. To do this, it is not absolutely necessary to open your own account. Usually it is enough to read through the experiences on the internet. Users share their experiences - especially the negative ones - quite actively on the net.

In the case of Bitcoin Circuit, however, by no means all experience reports and Bitcoin Circuit reviews are positive. Now, for us as outsiders, it is not quite easy to determine whether these are actually bounced users or simply users disappointed by the trading results. Unfortunately, misjudged trading expectations are still widespread.

Things to know about Bitcoin Circuit

On the website of Bitcoin Circuit we find some information about the offer:

  • The Bitcoin Circuit software is completely free of charge
  • Investors can withdraw profits at any time
  • The registration at Bitcoin Circuit is also free of charge
  • There are no costs or fees for using the software
  • The minimum deposit is 250 euros

Conclusion on Bitcoin Circuit

We have now thoroughly tested the Bitcoin Circuit app. The result of our review is that the software is an interesting trading gadget, which can definitely make everyday trading easier for traders.

However, we also found that the Bitcoin Circuit app still has minor quality gaps here and there. As far as a detailed FAQ section, an imprint and customer service are concerned, the operators still have some catching up to do. Also, as far as the advertising measures and promises are concerned, things could be a little more authentic. Unfortunately, these gaps strongly distract from the actual crypto robot.

Nevertheless, we cannot find any solid evidence of fraud in our test. That's why we recommend staying with the minimum investment of 250 euros for the time being. As soon as you record positive results with the robot, you can always increase this amount.

Our conclusion: No signs of fraud.


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