Justin Sun talks about participation in a research project under the Chinese Communist Party

Justin Sun talks about participation in a research project under the Chinese Communist Party

Tron founder Justin Sun has announced on Chinese social media that he is moving "from business to school". So he announced his participation in a research project at the Central Party School, which trains the Chinese Communist Party's cadres.

Justin Sun said in Chinese community, he will move from the business to the academic, joined the Chinese central party school as the deputy leader of a project. The name of the project is using blockchain to help social governance.

Sun will reportedly become the deputy project manager for the blockchain-based social management project. It will also involve the People's Bank of China, the Central Administration of Cyberspace and a number of academic organisations.

Some have interpreted the Tron founder's announcement as a hint of his move from business to academia. However, Sun refuted that suggestion, stressing that he "has no intention of retiring".

Tron's @justinsuntron hints at retirement as he takes up blockchain research post in China.

Recall that last year the media released an investigation about Justin Sanaa comparing his business practices to the marketing strategy of a "brothel".

BitTorrent protocol author Bram Cohen stated that the founder of Tron "is exactly the kind of scumbag the article describes him as".

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