FTX to launch NFT marketplace with focus on sports and entertainment

FTX to launch NFT marketplace with focus on sports and entertainment

Media company Dolphin Entertainment and bitcoin exchange operator FTX.US have agreed to create an NFT marketplace to promote sports and entertainment brands.

We're beyond excited to team up with Dolphin Entertainment to create an NFT marketplace for major sports and entertainment brands—including film, television, music, gaming, eSports, culinary, lifestyle and charity industries.

The platform's scope of interests will encompass film, television, music, gaming, cyber sports, cooking, lifestyle and charity.

The Dolphin Entertainment conglomerate includes general PR agency 42West, in the music industry - Shore Fire Media, in lifestyle and hospitality - The Door, in cybersport and entertainment consumer products - BHI, in promotion through opinion leaders - Be Social, and creative agency Viewpoint Creative.

"We are interested in partnering with Dolphin because of their ability to provide access to content and intellectual rights and positions in every major entertainment vertical," said FTX.US president Brett Harrison.

As part of the partnership, Dolphin will handle the branding, production and marketing, while FTX will handle the technical component.

According to Dolphin Entertainment CEO Bill O'Dowd, the marketplace will seamlessly connect the product and the user's wallet. The consumer will be able to pay with cryptocurrency and fiat money via payment cards and count on online support.

Recall that FTX raised $900 million in July with a valuation of $18 billion, with CEO Sam Bankman-Fried stating that some of the funding will go towards M&A deals.

In June, the crypto derivatives exchange agreed with cyber sports team TSM to rebrand it as TSM FTX.

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