Bakkt to introduce bitcoin payments at Quiznos fast food restaurants

Bakkt to introduce bitcoin

Regulated bitcoin derivatives trading platform Bakkt will launch a pilot project that will allow fast food restaurant chain Quiznos to accept payments in the first cryptocurrency.

The first access to bitcoin payments will be for residents of Denver, where the highly frequented Quiznos restaurant is located at the airport. The programme is scheduled to launch in August.

Quiznos customers who pay through the Bakkt app will receive $15 in bitcoin.

If successful, the programme will be expanded to other branches of the network in the US.

Mark Lohmann, president of Quiznos parent company REGO Restaurant Group, said the partnership would allow the restaurant to "quickly and seamlessly" accept cryptocurrency directly at the point of sale.

Recall that in June, Bakkt introduced a virtual Visa debit card to pay in bitcoin.

In March, the platform launched an app to store, buy and sell the first cryptocurrency.


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