US Navy officer sold classified data for $100,000 in cryptocurrency

US Navy officer sold classified data for $100,000 in cryptocurrency

A US Navy (Navy) officer and his wife have been arrested on suspicion of selling classified data for cryptocurrency. This was reported on the Justice Department's website.

According to the authorities, nuclear engineer Jonathan Toebbe was using his wife to sell information about the design of US nuclear submarines to an alleged representative of a foreign country. The latter turned out to be an undercover FBI agent.

The agent sent Toebbe $10,000 in cryptocurrency in June 2021. According to CoinDesk, the currency in question was Monero. The DOJ report did not specify which coin was used in the transaction.

After receiving the payment, the couple hid the SD card with the secret data inside half a peanut butter sandwich in a prearranged location. The agent then sent another $20,000 to the Navy officer for the decryption key.

In August, Toebbe hid another SD card in a pack of gum, receiving $70,000 for the decryption key. In October, the engineer made another hiding place with a map containing submarine data, after which he and his wife were arrested.

The couple will appear in court on October 12.

The couple, who served in the US Navy, were previously accused of selling the personal data of more than 9,000 people for $160,000 in bitcoins.

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