Metaverz Studio to put 1993 'zoomer NFTs' up for sale

Metaverz Studio to put 1993 'zoomer NFTs' up for sale

Art team Metaverz Studio has unveiled the NFT project Age of Z (AOZ), a series of 1993 futuristic characters created for Generation Z investors.

The tokens depict characters from a decentralised utopia built on the principles of anonymity and information security.

"AOZ is our vision of an inclusive and fully decentralised world. The project is created at the intersection of both DeFi and NFT - in the future, character owners will be able to manage the community and issue their own invisible tokens," commented project leader Junie X.

AOZ characters are divided into four classes: normal (Normal, N), rare (Rare, R), super rare (Super Rare, SR) and especially super rare SSR (Specially Super Rare, SSR).

The project team will release:

  • 1,493 (75%) citizens - Class N;
  • 450 (22.5%) warriors - class R;
  • 40 (2%) heroes - SR class;
  • 10 (0.5%) kings - SSR class.

Metaverz Studio will put 1,500 NFTs up for sale in the fourth quarter of 2021. Users will be able to purchase blind token tokens on the AOZ website.

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